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c)    Sanctions :

The governing council of Peddalu. and the chief wield

two powerful sanctions in their hiaJs for the ei3:jt"ui of their

authority, namely, (i) Kulam Tap-pa (penally for "transgression)

and   (ii) Veil (banishment from society or caste).   The

people have to obey the chief.   Otherwise the sanctions wauld be


i)    Kulam Tappu ;

The chief       the council of elders impose for alt

Kulam Tappu to         a person realise                   lie bas         Is

something repugnant to Gadabt conscience,          the              is

II is prepared to forgive him If tie sh>w* his loyalty

by           the penalty.   Oace this happens, tha         Is

respect and is allowed to         life as if lie  never                   the

offence.   Kulam Tappti clears Mm of all guilt.

The Gadaba society, by this  means,  forgives and forgets,

Kulam Tappu, achieves two objectives :  firstly, It takes c^gtl^zance

of evea minor offences and secondly, it galas the adhereace of

Gadabas to the authority of the chief.   It ranges bstwean Rs. 500/-

and Rs. 25/ .

Kulam Tappu is Imposed  under the following circumst-

ances :  

a)    A persoa who kidnaps a girl without   the

consent is liable to pay penalty.

b)    A person who goes away to another village to live

with a girl of that village has to pay penalty.

c)    If a girl who eloped  with a man returns  to hf

parents, the parent has to pay penalty.